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ALDOT’s West Central Region commends crews for strong winter weather response

ALDOT pretreats bridge ahead of winter weather
Jan 22

The Alabama Department of Transportation responded in force as road conditions across west-central Alabama deteriorated in mid-January due to a winter storm.

In the West Central Region, crews treated and cleared approximately 9,500 lane miles of state-maintained roads and bridges and worked diligently to alleviate icy conditions. ALDOT’s Fayette Area treated or plowed approximately 7,500 of those lane miles and used more than 120,000 gallons of salt brine, 10,000 gallons of calcium chloride and 3,500 tons of salt to ensure travel resumed as quickly and safely as possible.

Fayette Area Maintenance Engineer, James Kyzar, said he was proud of how well everyone worked together to get the job done, as crews worked two days before the forecasted arrival time to pretreat roads and prepare their in-event response. He said 115 employees promptly responded to the call and were forced to change tactics after the temperature dropped faster than expected and brought more rain. It made things worse when temperatures remained well below freezing.

“This combination leads to icy conditions, and winter storms are one of the more difficult things we face,” Kyzar said. “Our District Administrators were constantly adjusting plans and methods to get the most out of our material and time. Most of our crews worked through the night with very little rest, for multiple nights in a row, to restore and maintain our routes. I cannot praise our crews enough for their positive, never-quit attitude and the effort they expended this week.”

Winfield resident Evelyn Goodwin said she was hesitant to leave her house due to the weather, but didn’t have any trouble getting to and from the grocery store because her route was treated.

“I tried to stay inside when the weather got bad, but I needed to get some groceries,” Goodwin said. “I saw one of the (ALDOT) trucks go by and was glad to know they were taking care of our roads.”

West Central Region Engineer, Wallace McAdory, said he was thankful for the effort and determination each crew displayed throughout the weather event.

“I am grateful for their unwavering commitment and tireless efforts in ensuring the safety and functionality of our roadways,” McAdory said. “Even in the face of challenging weather conditions, they continued to work until the job was finished. Their hard work, resilience, and attention to detail have not gone unnoticed, and I appreciate their contributions.”