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Resurfacing, improvements on SR-6 and SR-13 in Prattville

Region/County Southeast/Autauga
Type of WorkPlaning, resurfacing, guardrail installation, and traffic stripe, on SR-6 (US-82) from the junction of West 4th St. to 0.8 miles east of the junction of SR-14 in Prattville (Site 1); on SR-6 (US-82) from the intersection of SR-3 (US-31) to the I-65 interchange in Prattville (Site 2); and to include the roadway improvements (Dual Left Turn Lane Additions and Traffic Signal Modifications) on SR-3 (US-31) NB roadway to the intersection of SR-6 (US-82) W Broadway in Prattville (Site 3)
RouteSR-6, SR-13
Projected StartAugust 2023
Projected CompletionMay 2024
Project NumberNH-0006(598), NH-0003(648) & NH-0006(597)
Project Cost$5,978,749
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